Shaquille O'Neal plays his whole family in new Papa Johns campaign

Camp & King's spot plugs the extra large Shaq-a-roni in a time of 'shrink-flation'

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Oct 20, 2022

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Papa Johns new collaboration with Shaquille O'Neal sees the basketball legend portray several members of his own family, as the chain emphasizes just how big his signature "Shaq-a-roni" pie is.

In the spots, by Camp & King, we see the Shaq family around the dinner table about to tuck into the extra-large pizza. O'Neal plays not only himself but his uncle and cousin (sporting impressively different hairstyles) as well as a phone -obsessed, baseball cap-wearing teenage Shaq. These characters are joined by Momma Lucille, who is O'Neal's real-life mom. Amir Farhang of Hungry Man helmed the multiple Shaqs.

The campaign also aims to emphasize that, at a time of "shrink-flation," the Shaq-a-roni is big enough to feed a huge family (as well donating $1 to the Papa Johns foundation for every pizza sold.)

Earlier this year, O’Neal scored a new multi-million dollar endorsement deal with Papa Johns that, among other things, assured that the Shaq-a-roni pizza can produce personal and charitable rewards.





"We figured what better way to express how shareable the biggest pizza Papa Johns makes then to track down its namesake’s family," said Camp & King Creative Director Jason Whitehead, in a statement. "Who knew all the men related to Shaq shared such an uncanny resemblance? Cousin was a huge wildcard, showing up to set blasting Kelly Clarkson and shaking his pompadour. But the real hero of the project was Shaquille’s mom, Lucille, who nailed everything asked of her. We’re excited to see who becomes the crowd favorite and hopefully, introduce more members of the Shaq family to the world in the future.”




Oct 20, 2022
Client :
Papa John's
Agency :
Camp + King
Chief Marketing & Digital Officer :
Anne Fischer
Chief Creative Officer :
Roger Camp
VP Media & Field Marketing :
Jeff Hagen
Creative Director :
Jason Whitehead
VP Head of Brand :
Jaclyn Ruelle
Creative Director :
Kelly Kennedy
Director Social Media & Brand Engagement :
Josh Martin
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Manager of Multicultural Commercial & Brand :
Amanda Moore
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Hunter Hadfield
Production Company :
Hungry Man
Senior Editor :
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Director :
Amir Farhang
Senior Editor :
Michael Whelan
Partner/Executive Producer :
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Creative Technology
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Owner :
Adam Elk

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