Your Jeans Aren't Skinny Enough

American Eagle wants you to try their paint-on skinny skinnys.

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Mar 21, 2013

Editor's Pick

Consider this a double troll: American Eagle Outfitters convinces you that you're not taking the idea of "skinny jeans" far enough, then gets you to head over to their website where you might just end up doing some shopping. This video, which the retailer put up on YouTube, advertises a new brand of jeans called AEO Skinny Skinny -- so skinny that they're pretty much painted on. The video leads you to the retailer's website, where you can "buy" the "limited edition" product -- only 1,000 available! -- and maybe, hopefully do some other shopping too. If you actually try to add the spray-paint jeans to your bag, you're informed that they're temporarily sold out. April Fool's joke? Or maybe the joke is that people actually think their jeans need to get skinnier.