This auto brand is promoting seat belts for dogs in ad starring a giant pooch

Despite the humor, spot by Skoda has a serious point

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Mar 13, 2019

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Skoda's latest campaign from France centers around a gigantic dog. 

In a series of scenarios that remind us a little of kids' classic "Clifford the Big Red Dog,"  we see "Doug the Dog" and his long-suffering owner taking a walk and scaring the neighboring pooches, breaking the furniture, digging enormous holes in the garden and more.

In case you're wondering what this has to do with cars, there's a serious point. Halfway through the spot, we're told that a one-ton dog can be damaging--but imagine that in a car driving at 50 km per hour. "In the event of an accident, your dog becomes a one-ton projectile," we're informed. Sobering--and the point is to promote the fact that Skoda now offers a seat-belt for dogs among its range of accessories. (Apparently, 98% of dog owners admit to not tying up their pet in the car.)

The ad, by Rosapark, is running online along with a Twitter campaign. People are being encouraged to post pictures of their dogs using the hashtag #DougTheDog to see what their dog looked if it weighed a whole ton. The campaign will also be broadcast on Facebook, Instagram, Youtube and LinkedIn.