Train Wreck, EOD and your Hovering Art Director get icons for World Emoji Day

Firstborn created agency-specific Slack icons that every agency employee will recognize

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Jul 17, 2018

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It's a rare ad agency that doesn't depend on Slack these days for quick communication among coworkers. A big part of that experience is the massive variety of emoji available on the platform--2,823 of them.

Check marks, thumbs up and little red 100s provide brevity and specificity in a tiny, colorful package. They're faster than typing, easy for Slack to collate and more fun than finding yet another way to say "I'm on it!"

But Slack power users know there are some common agency phrases that don't have a perfect analog in the emoji catalogue. So to capitalize on World Emoji Day on July 17, Firstborn created the "SlackTalk emoji pack," a collection of 22 new Slack emoji that illustrate agency-specific concepts that everyone in adland will recognize.

There's the Hovering Art Director (you know who you are). The Gold Lion and the literal Brainstorm will be popular with the brass, and the Dumpster Fire, Shit Sandwich and Train Wreck should get plenty of play in private channels.

Some of the images require a bit of translation, like ingenious, tongue-in-cheek rebuses: Killed Idea is a dead baby, Deadline is a bomb with a clock on it, Working Late is a ball and chain clamped to a swivel chair and Working From Home is just Netflix on a laptop.

But there are plenty of entries for typical agencyspeak. Striking Gold, Winning, Nailed It and EOD all get their own emoji. A real High Five make an appearance, too. No more getting confused by what may or may not be Praying Hands. This calls for a little Boozing, but try not to Back Stab your drinking buddy unless you want to open a Can of Worms.

All the new emoji can be downloaded at


Jul 17, 2018

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