Winona Ryder and Elizabeth Olsen star in an epic dance-off for H&M

Ad by Adam&Eve/DDB follows several controversies for the brand

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Mar 21, 2018

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Is this high street fashion's answer to #MeToo? Or is H&M finally making an attempt to get the zeitgeist right? Winona Ryder and Elizabeth Olsen star in a joyous, epic dance ad for H&M's spring collection that just screams "female empowerment."

The ad, created by Adam&Eve/DDB and filmed in Buenos Aires, starts with Olsen ditching her boring male partner for a woman. She sets off a chain reaction of women dancing, and they spill out into the streets wearing H&M's spring fashion, with defiant expression. The local male population can only look on helplessly.

The ad also stars models Andreea Diaconu, Anna Ewers, Imaan Hammam and Naomi Shimada, and the singer Andrea Valle. Ryder is the last to appear, looking suitably gorgeous, iconic and fierce as she dances the Tango with Olsen (with an obvious sexual vibe).

Ryder says in a press release; "I love the way that the campaign really celebrates women in a very authentic way. I found that to be really refreshing and much needed right now in this culture. They are celebrating themselves and each other."

The release of the film follows several recent controversies for H&M; this year it has come under social media fire for suing a street artist over the use of his work in a campaign, although later withdrew the suit; and it was also accused of racism over an online ad featuring a black child wearing a sweatshirt with the words "Coolest monkey in the jungle."