Robinsons Makes Drinks in Zero Gravity in Framestore Stunt

After Oscar Win, VFX House Is In Demand From Advertisers

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Mar 31, 2014

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Fresh from winning its Academy Award for Gravity, British VFX shop Framestore is now in demand from advertisers for space-related content. First Channel 4 got it to film a trailer for its "Live From Space" program series. Now Britvic-owned fruit squash brand Robinsons has got it to conduct a zero gravity experiment to promote its new SQUASH'D product, a portable squash capsule that makes 20 drinks. The idea is that the product can be made anywhere.

As seen in this film, by Iris Worldwide, Framestore sent a crew of eight up into the atmosphere on a jet to experience zero gravity as the plane plummeted from 35,000 to 24,000 feet. They had just 15 seconds of weightlessness to film a water balloon being burst with a pin and the Robinsons SQUASH'D liquid being mixed with water droplets which floated through air. (With just 12 opportunities on the flight to get the shot of the drink being made, the pressure must have been on, but it still looks as if fun was had making it.)

In addition to launching the Framestore film, Iris has also launched a social campaign challenging well-known YouTubers, including Frisbie throwers, football freestylers, parkour runners and off-road drivers, to use their skills to make SQUASH'D in weird and wonderful ways. Ordinary people can also upload their own SQUASH'D videos/photos hashtagged #GETSQUASHD with an incentive to win a GoPro Hero 3 camera.

The launch is also supported by a TV commercial through BBH London, which does not feature the Space theme.