Stella Artois says it understands the theft of its chalices

‘Missing Chalices’ shows the beer brand doesn’t condone the behavior, but takes it as a compliment

Published On
Apr 19, 2024
A single Stella Artois chalice seen on a kitchen countertop amongst other glasses and utensils, with the words: EACH YEAR, THOUSANDS OF OUR CHALICES GO MISSING FROM BARS. UNACCEPTABLE, YET UNDERSTANDABLE. on top of the image.

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Stealing is not acceptable but in some instances, if the product is nice, it can be understood.  

That’s the message behind the latest Stella Artois campaign from David New York, which shows how the beer’s branded chalices go “missing” from bars all over the world.  A video of vignettes shows the dishwashers, coat pockets and other places Stella Artois chalices end up, and calls out such theft as “unacceptable, yet understandable.”


“If you can’t fight a consumer behavior that’s so connected to your brand motto (A Taste Worth More), you just embrace it to create awareness and relatability," said André Toledo, chief creative officer at David New York, who said the goals of the campaign were to build brand awareness and perceived brand value.  

The campaign for the Anheuser-Busch InBev brand also includes radio ads of conversations between draught beer lovers who plot sneakily to steal chalices. 


A series of print ads depict Stella Artois chalices spotted on dinner tables, in glass cabinets, drying racks and elsewhere. The campaign is underway in Chile. 




“Every year, thousands of Stella Artois Chalices go missing from bars. While most brands would find this ‘unacceptable,’ Stella Artois considers the borrowing of a Chalice ‘understandable’ and sees it as proof of the brand’s value to consumers,” the brand stated.