StreetEasy turns New York real estate into board game-themed ads

Preacher collaborated with NY artist Jon Contino on out-of-home push

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Mar 07, 2022

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StreetEasy is paying homage to classic board games in an outdoor campaign encouraging New Yorkers to "win at real estate" in a super-competitive market.

The campaign tagline is “Win The Game Of Real Estate.” Creative agency Preacher collaborated with New York artist Jon Contino to create typographically witty ads with the look and feel of classic board games together with copy well-versed in New York living. For example, taglines include "Rent an apartment with a dishwasher that isn't you" (according to StreetEasy data, a dishwasher is the number three amenity on its list of New Yorkers' apartment "must-haves").

Row of five StreetEasy ads

The out-of-home campaign will run through October on streets, sidewalks, subway cars, buses, billboards, wallscapes and taxis. Ads will also be running on social. The targets buyers, sellers and renters as New York's real estate market is undergoing a resurgence in the wake of the pandemic.

StreetEasy subway ads

“It’s exciting to see the unmatched energy and buzz of New York City return, and with it, StreetEasy’s latest ad campaign," said Nicole Savdie, director of marketing at StreetEasy, in a statement. "The New York City market is the most competitive it’s been in years. New Yorkers want more ways to get a leg up in finding the right apartment and getting to move-in day."

“StreetEasy is not only a beloved NYC brand, but people notice and remember their ads,” added Rob Baird, co-founder and chief creative officer at Preacher. “They’ve set a pretty high bar for attention-grabbing out of home, and our goal was to create a campaign that was just as engaging as their previous work. The key was designing a game and messaging within our ads that could speak to everyone looking to make their next move in NYC, and hopefully delight New Yorkers while educating them on how they can actually win by teaming up with StreetEasy.” 

Row of 3 StreetEasy ads


StreetEasy bus stop ad