Love Blossoms in a Supermarket (and Leads to Healthy Eating) in This Adorable Intermarche Ad

A Romantic Tale of Passion and Fresh Produce

Published On
Mar 17, 2017

Editor's Pick

Who knew that a supermarket checkout could be so romantic? In a charming spot for French retailer Intermarche that's quickly going viral, it's the place where love blossoms for a young guy who's accustomed to buying pizza and ketchup with his buddies -- and it also leads to a passion for fresh produce.

The three-minute ad sees the protagonist fall for the beautiful checkout assistant, but he can tell she's unimpressed by his junk food purchases. As he visits repeatedly, he starts trying to win her affection by buying more fresh food -- salad, meat from the butcher counter, unusual vegetables like a fennel bulb that his mates view with suspicion -- and trying to cook it. His efforts aren't great at first; however, gradually he becomes a brilliant cook, impressing even his friends -- but will he win the fair lady?

The spot, created by agency Romance and set to "L'amour l'amour l'amour" by Marcel Mouloudji, is beautifully directed Katia Lewkowicz at Carnibird in a style reminiscent of all the best French movies.