T-Mobile brings ‘Suits’ stars back for a post-Super Bowl sequel

Patrick J. Adams and Gabriel Macht appeared in the ‘Auditions’ spot—now, they’re showing how Magenta Status works in the real world

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Feb 28, 2024
Patrick J. Adams and Gabriel Macht sitting in a car

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Patrick J. Adams and Gabriel Macht, the “Suits” actors who appeared together in T-Mobile’s star-studded “Auditions” ad during the Super Bowl, have returned with a follow-up spot for the wireless carrier.

This time, they’re out in the real world, showing how T-Mobile’s Magenta Status works.

Adams has donned a suit, which Macht ridicules as a cry for attention. But everywhere Adams goes, he seemingly gets the royal treatment—with Macht, in every vignette, reminding his friend he’s getting standard Magenta Status perks not because he’s special.


“You don’t need to be famous to get premium benefits from brands you love,” a voiceover says at the end, referring to the deals and experiences Megenta Status members get on brands including Hilton, Hertz/Dollar, Live Nation and more.

The spot was created and produced by Panay Films, with Brian Klugman and Walt Becker directing.

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“Patrick and Gabriel are an entertaining duo with humor that easily plays off of each other,” said Andrew Panay, CEO of Panay Films. “Marrying those personalities with the brand messaging in a new environment compounds on the past creative work in a consistent, but also fresh and entertaining way.”

“Patrick and Gabriel crushed it on social for our Super Bowl ad … they’re hilarious and their chemistry is second-to-none, so we’re happy to work with them again to spread the word about all the benefits you get with T-Mobile,” added Peter DeLuca, chief creative officer at T-Mobile. “And this couldn’t have come at a better time. While other companies continue to backtrack on loyalty programs, we’re taking appreciation to new heights with Magenta Status and giving our customers more of what they love, just because.”

Below, check out bonus content featuring Adams and Macht from the Super Bowl shoot.