Taco Bell and dancing street gangs fight the limitations of #TacoTuesday

A throwback spot from Deutsch pits fans of different shells against each other

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Apr 18, 2019

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Taco Tuesdays were once an indulgent excuse to eat out in the middle of the week—a rallying cry for broke college students or busy office workers looking to splurge on filling, foldable food. But in time, the tradition became a prison.

So says Taco Bell, which is challenging the status quo with an open letter that decries the relegation of tacos to just Tuesday nights. “Tacos are TOO good to be shackled to just one day. Tacos should be for be ANY day,” reads the heartfelt diatribe. “So here’s to you Taco Monday. Good on ya Taco Wednesday. Taco Thursday, we see you. Taco Friday? Yup. Taco Saturday, Taco Sunday—please and thank you.”

A 60-second spot from Deutsch and directed by Warren Fu via Partizan celebrates this new world order with a throwback to cinematic gang battles of the past. Channeling “The Warriors” and the dance battle in “Beat It,” the taco-focused gangs—the Hard Shells, the Soft Shells and Los Locos—fight for supremacy in denim and roller skates.

The Taco Re-“Bell”-ion begins on Sunday, Apr. 21 with new party packs of tacos, available any day of the week.