Google Pixel 2's Tactical Outdoor CampaignTargets Delayed Commuters

Ads by BBH and Grand Visual Also Change According to Traffic and Time of Day

Published On
Jan 23, 2018

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There's nothing more frustrating than a train delay when your phone is nearly out of battery life. That's why delayed U.K. commuters are seeing tactical outdoor ads from Google this month promoting the lifetime of its battery on Pixel 2 smartphones.

The ads are part of a contexual and tactical outdoor push by Google, which is working with digital outdoor specialists Grand Visual, to promote the Pixel 2. The ads change according to location, time of day, traffic and data such as journey delays, as well as key dates like New Year's Eve.

Creative, by BBH London, highlights five key features of the Google Pixel 2; Assistant, Lens, Storage, Battery, and Camera. On a Friday night, for example, digital billboards close to nightlife hotspots ask "Did my nightlife just get brighter?" whilst displaying the Pixel 2 with low-light camera. Alternatively, heavy traffic at roadside and transit locations triggers creative for Google Assistant and queries "Could it win me points for punctuality?" with an image of someone running for transport. All photo imagery used in the campaign was shot on a Pixel 2 and taken by fashion and food influencers.

On London bus lines, digital, geo-targeted side panels display messages such as "Pixel 2, now at an EE store in Hackney," according to whichever neighborhood or particular landmark the bus is passing.

The campaign is running across eight cities, using Grand Visual's OpenLoop system to integrate traffic, rail, time of day, and location data, and automate the delivery of specific creative.