Samantha Bee’s new trivia game is her sly way of getting you to vote in the midterms

She consulted with Silicon Valley execs plus the CEO of the voter that predicted Trump's win

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Sep 13, 2018

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Samantha Bee just dropped her own “Full Frontal” trivia game app, but it’s not just a vehicle for promoting her show--it’s meant to drive players all the way to the voting booth during the midterms.

To promote “This Is Not a Game: The Game,” Bee created this news segment about “gamification,” showing how it helped to save a struggling local newspaper, and how it could be a winning strategy for getting Americans to vote in the midterms. “I think I want to dangle a treat over America and be like, ‘Look you could vote, you might win something.’ I mean we do respond to prizes here.” Cut to a scene of an Oprah giveaway.

“Civic engagement is important, she continues. “The midterms are important and i think it would be helpful if a little balance was restored to our current government.”

The segment then follows her  to Silicon valley, where she consults with gaming and civic engagement experts, and then back to New York, where she meets with the CEO of Brigade, the voter engagement app that called the 2016 election. Their collective advice goes into the development of her own gaming app--which involves a bit of her own humor, trivia and is non-partisan in nature.

Perhaps most important,  she decides to tack on a money reward -- because “You can not pay people to vote, but this is the next best thing,” she says.

The game begins every day around 7 PM EDT and requires players to answer 10 trivia questions about current events, the midterms and “very important facts about democracy like in what 1980’s vampire movie Kiefer Sutherland played POTUS.”

Winners get dough for answering all 10 correctly--though those who make mistakes are still allowed to play in the “dead zone” and collect lives for later. Winners split a daily jackpot of $1000 to $5000--or even more. Players can get bonus lives for signing up for election reminders, completing weekly challenges and inviting other friends to play.



Sep 13, 2018

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