Tesco really gets into the Christmas spirit in BBH’s wonderfully peculiar holiday spot

BBH London visualizes holiday excitement with a family who turn into fir trees and snowpeople

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Nov 20, 2023
A woman who has turned into a snowperson, getting a carrot for a nose

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Somewhere along the way, being really into Christmas got a bit of a bad rap. These days, it seems Christmas ads are almost as likely to be about the stress of the season as they are about getting fully into the holiday spirit.

Tesco’s excellent new spot from BBH London is a bit of a throwback, then.

Christmas spirit is the north star here, and it’s illustrated in a fresh and bizarre way—with members of a family who turn into Christmas trees and snowpeople as their excitement for the season builds. The one holdout is a teenage boy, who seems to have outgrown Christmas—who sees his parents’ enthusiasm as pretty cringe.

Will he be convinced? It’s not hard to guess the answer, but part of the spot’s charm is how sweetly it wins the kid over.


Directed by Alaska (the duo of Marco Lafer and Gustavo Moraes) at Iconoclast, the commercial makes the most of its fantastical visuals (the snowmum is particularly inspired). But there’s plenty to like about the rest of the storytelling, too—from the star that springs from Dad’s head when he uses the Tesco Clubcard, to the fight over the music on the radio (a proxy war in miniature for the right to spread seasonal cheer, however hackneyed it may be).

OMC’s “How Bizarre” is a nice choice of track, and “Become More Christmas” is another unexpectedly fun reframing of the joy of (and commitment to) the holidays. Plus, the Tesco products are unobtrusively woven into the story.

“Christmas is a strange time,” said Felipe Serradourada Guimaraes, deputy executive creative director at BBH. “You hang out with people you don’t usually. You eat food you never do at any other time of the year. But whether you love it from the minute Halloween ends, or the hour before Christmas dinner, the one thing we know is true, is that eventually everyone gets into it. It's infectious. That's what we brought to life, in all its joyfully wonderful, and ridiculous, Christmas glory. Enjoy—with a side of mince pie.”

EssenceMediaCom handled media. In a nice touch, Tesco premiered the spot for its employees first—last Thursday in special screenings 100 CineWorld movie-theater locations around the U.K.


Nov 20, 2023
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Marco Lafer
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Gustavo Moraes
Executive Producer :
Jean Mougin
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Emma Butterworth
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Natalie Isaac
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Arthur De Borman
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Freddie Stopler
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