Now You Can Text a Pizza Emoji to Order Domino's

Fast Feeder Introduces Yet Another Service Innovation

Published On
Jun 15, 2015

Editor's Pick

Domino's generated a lot of excitement among pizza eaters when, with the help of some mysterious pizza emoji, it announced the introduction of Tweet ordering, which basically allowed its customers to do just that: order a pie through Twitter.

Now, with the help or Crispin Porter & Bogusky, it's innovating the ordering process once again by allowing its patrons to order through text message -- with that same pizza emoji. Customers need to opt in to the service by adding their mobile numbers to their Pizza Profiles on Once they do, they'll be able to re-order their pre-programmed "Easy Order" by texting a pizza emoji or the words "Easy Order" to DPIZZA (374992).

The text-emoji ordering is just the latest in the fast feeder's AnyWare services that offer customers innovative ways to get Domino's pies to their homes -- really quickly.