Titan Casket wants to ‘bury’ daylight saving time, even though it leads to more deaths

‘If an actual casket company still doesn't think it’s worth keeping around, who does?’ the brand asks

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Mar 07, 2024
Actor David Dastmalchian standing next to a green casket and a giant clock

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You’d think a casket company would want to maximize deaths wherever possible.

But Titan Casket says it can wait, as it launches a quirky campaign coming out in opposition to daylight saving time—which takes effect this Sunday, and is statistically known to lead to a spike in heart attacks and traffic accidents each year.

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The counterintuitive message is delivered in the spot below by actor David Dastmalchian (“Oppenheimer,” “Suicide Squad”), who joined the DTC casket company last fall as its first celebrity brand ambassador.

Dastmalchian is amusingly chilly as he explains that Titan wants to drive a final nail in daylight saving’s coffin. The spot was produced by Maximum Effort.


Max Effort’s research discovered that hospitals will see a 24% increase in heart attacks and a 6% increase in fatal accidents when daylight saving takes effect. The campaign  invites people to visit BuryDaylightSavings.com, which includes contact information for politicians that you can email requesting an end to daylight saving time. 

Max Effort and Titan Casket have been in contact about ad ideas for some time. Titan jumped quickly on this idea, which grew out of the agency’s research.


Mar 07, 2024
Client :
Titan Casket
Agency :
Maximum Effort

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