Toyota loses its brand name in European logo redesign

Update to visual identity by The&Partnership is its first since 2005

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Jul 20, 2020

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Toyota is dispensing with its brand name in the redesign of its brand identity in Europe, which will henceforth only use its logo. The brand believes that, like brands such as Nike and Apple, the move is "an acknowledgement of its status as one of the most recognizable brands in the world," it says.

The Japanese automaker has updated its branding for the first time since 2005 in an effort led by The&Partnership. (It's the latest in a series of logo updates by automakers, including Nissan, BMW and Volkswagen, all designed to be more digital-friendly.)

The updated logo retools the brand’s emblem from a 3D to a simplified 2D design, losing the "Toyota" wordmark.  According to The&Partnership, the aim of the redesign was "to build Toyota’s image as a more progressive brand, while guaranteeing longevity in a digital world and ensuring that the brand continues to appeal to a modern and expanding customer base." The redesign was shaped by four key goals: "Forward-Thinking," "More Premium Feel," "Consistent" and "Mobile-First."

​“The key to this project was not to simply see it as bringing the brand identity up to date, but preparing it for years to come," said Dan Beckett, head of art, The&Partnership, in a statement. "As well as re-modernizing the brand we also sought to bring a more premium feeling while working hard to simplify the brand architecture and creating a design system which will be fluent across today and tomorrow’s touchpoints."

The new look is rolling out across Europe from today, and it will just apply in European markets at the moment.

Mastercard made a similar move to "symbol status" last year when it dropped its own name from overlapping circles mark, citing a need to address more digitally-minded consumers.