A VW Goes on a Reverse High-Speed Drive -- With a Trailer

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Jan 18, 2016

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Volkswagen has been pranking Norwegians with a clever stunt to promote its Trailer Assist feature, which makes it look as if some seriously cool reverse driving is taking place.

As seen in the behind-the-scenes film, VW and agency Try achieved the effect by cutting a small car in half, and encasing it in plexiglass and transparent foil. The driver can see out but from the outside, it looks like an ordinary trailer. Passers-by look stunned to see what convincingly looks like a VW with trailer attached driving at high speed -- in reverse.

The effort, which has already picked up an impressive 21 million views on VW's Facebook page, reminds us a little of Toyota's driverless car stunt for the Aygo in 2014.