Spotify's Jukebox Will Play Your Favorite Tracks Off Your T-Shirt

Check It Out at SXSW

Published On
Mar 16, 2016

Editor's Pick

Spotify has installed a "Fan Jukebox" at SXSW that picks your music track based on what fan t-shirt you're wearing.

The installation is another innovation from Party, the New York- and Tokyo-based agency that has already wowed us this week in Austin with the Song Wig, a wig made of earbuds. Users don't need to choose a song; instead, they wear their favorite band shirt, (or choose from a selection of t-shirts available at the Spotfiy House). They then stand in front of the jukebox for it to scan and recognize the logo, and hear it play a song by that band.

We're wondering what's next -- a jukebox that reads your facial expression and plays the kind of track you're in the mood for? Or one that analyzes your look and works out if you're into Taylor Swift or Iron Maiden?