The Trump family's legacy doesn't compare to Mexico's in this daring tequila ad

Agency Upstreamers' spot for Aguila Real underscores lasting Mexican influence on the States

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Mar 03, 2020

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President Trump has been known to disparage Mexico and its citizens—even before he stepped into the White House. And some Mexican brands have dared to take him on, if only slyly. Tecate beer, for example, playfully turned his border wall into a brew prop, though the brand asserted it was a "totally neutral" gesture.

Now, as the country is poised to make a decision about whether Trump will continue for another term, a premium tequila brand with Mexican roots might be making the boldest dig at the him yet—by poking fun at his family’s legacy.

Aguila Real, a high-end tequila brand produced in Jalisco, Mexico and founded by Miguel De Los Rios, a Mexican-American entrepreneur, has debuted a new film running on social media. Created out of L.A. agency Upstreamers, the spot simply states a few notable facts about Mexico’s influence on the United States and its culture. For example, in 1781, a group of Mexicans founded Los Angeles, and in 1884, Mexico exported tequila to the U.S. for the first time. 

It then follows with another historical fact: “In 1885 Frederick Trump [the POTUS’ grandfather] is the first Trump to emigrate to America.” 

The film then ends with the lines, “The taste of Mexico has been in America longer than many other things. Now that’s worth a toast.”

According to Martin Cerri, co-founder and chief creative strategist of Upstreamers, the brief for the campaign centered on celebrating the brand’s Mexican-American heritage. It targets the Mexican-American community with a message that is meant to make them feel proud about their cultural duality. 
“As a Mexican-American entrepreneur, I’m proud to have developed a brand that embodies our heritage and values,” adds founder De Los Rios. “I think it’s great when others are able to discover a bit more about how our Mexican culture has contributed to the history of this great country.”

While Cerri acknowledges the message of the ad may be polarizing, “we are confident that the intended target will identify and connect emotionally with the campaign,” he says.

Aguilar Real, owned by Aguila Real DLR Spirits, has been available regionally but is now expanding nationally, with plans to grow globally as well. 

According to a recent report from the Distilled Spirits Council of the United States (DISCUS), high-end and premium products drove the strongest revenue growth in the spirits market in 2019, with tequila and mezcal among the key categories propelling that growth. Tequila and mezcal sales rose 12.4 percent or $372 million to $3.4 billion compared to the previous year, while mezcal grew to more than $100 million in sales for the first time, at $105 million. 


Mar 03, 2020
Client :
Aguila Real Tequila
Agency :
Client Director :
Miguel D. De Los Rios
Creative Director :
Martin Cerri
Strategy Director :
Bryan Garcia
Production Company :
Parana Films
Post Production :
TruLove Post
Editor :
Nano Recondo
Music :
The Diner

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