Uber and Anheuser-Busch work with MADD to fight drunk driving

The 'Decide to Ride' campaign features ads, Uber discounts and Snapchat filters

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Sep 15, 2021

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Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD) is working with Uber and Anheuser-Busch InBev on its latest campaign against drunk driving.

The “Decide to Ride” effort launching today includes commercials, print ads, and out-of-home advertising, discounts through Uber, and even a Snapchat filter.

A 30-second spot takes place at a bar. Two men sit at the bar talking when one gets up after receiving a message. He walks toward the door, passing other drinkers, to find a group of friends exiting a vehicle. As they walk towards the bar, the vehicle they arrived in begins to pull away, clearly an Uber ready to move on to its next customer. The spot ends with a view of the bar's parking lot, where no cars are parked. All of the ads end with the tagline: you can’t drive drunk if you don’t drive there.

Shorter commercials will also be airing. The media plan includes airing the spots during NFL games and posting ads in football stadiums, the trio announced. NFL teams and players are also expected to amplify the message.

"This campaign aligns with MADD’s 41-year lifesaving mission to end drunk driving," MADD National President Alex Otte in a press release. "Since MADD’s founding in 1980, drunk driving deaths have been reduced by more than half, and we have provided services to nearly 1 million victims and survivors. We won’t stop until we get to zero deaths and zero injuries."

MADD reports that alcohol-impaired driving fatalities have fallen by 52% since it began, plateauing at around 10,000 deaths a year for the last decade. And according to a recent study cited by the organization, rideshare services can be a powerful tool against drunk driving, eliminating the need to appoint a designated driver.