Uber thanks the vaccinated, offers free rides to the rest

A year after brand thanked people for not riding with Uber, it's now promoting the COVID-19 vaccine

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May 25, 2021

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Last year, in an effort to keep everyone safe from the coronavirus, Uber made an unexpected move: It thanked people for not riding with Uber.

Now, the brand is back with another message of appreciation—for those who have gotten vaccinated against COVID-19. It comes full-circle from April of last year, when Uber’s original pandemic-themed spot focused on people quietly biding their time at home, not a car in sight. 

LIke other return-to-normal ads, the new spot features vignettes of people going about their day, enjoying each other’s company, holding hands, eating, studying and singing together—basically, life as we used to know it. Those are interspersed with scenes of moving forward, the camera trained on the road below. As the uplifting music rises to a crescendo, the endline is revealed: “Thank you for getting vaccinated.” Wieden+Kennedy was behind both spots. 

The new message is part of Uber’s efforts aid in the White House and President Biden’s goal to get 70% of the U.S. population vaccinated by July 4. Starting this week, Uber is offering four free rides in its app for every American to help them get their vaccine. To support the effort, Uber created a new user-friendly in-app experience that integrates Vaccines.gov data and allows people to find vaccines available nearby from tens of thousands of providers. 

This is not the first of Uber’s vaccine messages. Earlier, the brand teamed with Spike Lee and R/GA on a campaign focusing on the inequities that may be preventing various groups from getting their vaccine. The initiative provided more than 10 million free rides to individuals to ensure that transportation would not be a barrier to their getting vaccinated.