Intermarche : The Ugly Carrot

Intermarche Aims to 'Rehabilitate' Imperfect Produce

Published On
May 20, 2014

Editor's Pick

Ugly fruits and vegetables finally get their own chance to shine in this campaign for Intermarche, France's third biggest supermarket chain. It's designed to "rehabilitate" imperfect or mis-shapen fresh produce and discourage wastage, mindful of the 300m tons of fruit and vegetables wasted each year and the European Union's designation of 2104 as the European Year against Food Waste.

The campaign, by Marcel Paris, includes TV ads, including one about an "Ugly Carrot," and this one featuring a strangely deformed Clementine who's reassured, in a charming voiceover, that her imperfections are "actually quite cute." Print executions feature items such as the "Hideous Orange" and the "Failed Lemon," beautifully photographed.

Intermarche also ran an in-store campaign in which the ugly fruits and veg (which it acquired from growers who would normally throw it away) are made into products such as Inglorious Vegetables Soups and Inglorious Fruit Juices. The products were also given their own supermarket aisles, their own labelling and their own separate listing on the till receipt. Marcel reports that the campaign resulted in a 60% increase in traffic to Intermarche's fruits and vegetabes section and a 24% uplift in overall store traffic.