Unsettling ad from Arnold shows people hiding eating disorders

‘Hidden’ from Monte Nido features vignettes of often unseen behaviors

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Jun 06, 2024

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Most people have heard the names of various eating disorders, namely anorexia, bulimia and more. But do you know the signs? 

A new campaign from eating disorder treatment provider Monte Nido and agency Arnold Worldwide demonstrates the signs through a 60-second film, “Hidden,” that depicts specific behaviors of those suffering from anorexia nervosa, bulimia nervosa, and binge eating disorder. 

The film begins with a child counting, a misdirect that leads the viewer to believe this is a simple game of hide and seek. As the scenes unfold, filmed in dim and moody lighting, each reveals more details that indicate the individuals are struggling with eating disorders. The film aims to show those suffering from an eating disorder that they are seen, in hopes of inspiring them to seek help. 

In addition to the hero spot, three 30-second spots will focus on a specific eating disorder (anorexia, bulimia, binge eating disorder). The films end with the message: “Millions of people are hiding an eating disorder every day. At Monte Nido, we’re ready to help.”

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The campaign is Arnold’s first work for the organization and is also Monte Nido’s first national campaign. The campaign will run on online video, social and digital display as well as at industry events.

“Nearly 29 million Americans will have an eating disorder in their lifetimes, yet the majority never receive treatment. Tragically, someone dies every 52 minutes from an eating disorder. Raising awareness is crucial to help more people receive the care they need,” said Anthony Modano, chief marketing officer at Monte Nido.

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Jun 06, 2024
Agency :
Arnold Worldwide
Client :
Monte Nido

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