Nike : Vapor Talon Elite vs Vapor Talon Elite

Shoes with attitude.

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Jan 10, 2012

Editor's Pick

This Nike viral featuring shoes with attitude comes from Portland-based Mutt Industries, founded by founded by former Wieden+Kennedy creative directors Steve Luker and Mike McCommon and planning director Scott Cromer. It uses 'shoe-mount' camera technology to show the BCS rivalry between LSU and Alabama. (For the technology, Mutt went to effects specialist Matt Davis, who machined a modular aluminum mount kit that could attach a high-definition camera from multiple angles to the shoe).

The spot went viral with over 1 million plays in the days leading up to the BCS Championship Game (and was followed with a 'winning' clip after the game's conclusion. Future spots include a second football clip shot for the Super Bowl, as well as campaigns for Nike's running, soccer, basketball and snowboarding performance shoes - all using new technique.