MailChimp Plays With Its Name Again, This Time, by Creating a New Band

'VeilHymn' Adds Interactivity to Track by Devonte Hynes and Bryndon Cook

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Feb 16, 2017

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Following its surreal ad campaign in which it riffs off its unusual name, email platform MailChimp has now created a new musical outfit that plays on the same idea.

The brand and agency hooked up Devonte Hynes, aka Blood Orange, and Bryndon Cook of Starchild & The New Romantic, to create a new band, VeilHymn. The pair perform the track "Hymn," which also features a music video (above), an interactive version which can be viewed at The latter lets viewers click on the video (directed by Malia James, in Jamaica) to "unveil" scenes from the shoot and different visual filters.

While not a humorous film like its KaleLimp, MailShrimp and JailBlimp spots, it's a cool interactive video to a track with a smooth, laid-back vibe, and a different attempt by agency Droga5 to get MailChimp's name and proposition across to its target audience.