Arnold Scwharzenegger goes undercover as a used car salesman to help save the planet

Campaign for Veloz slyly promotes benefits of electric vehicles

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Jun 26, 2019

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Arnold Schwarezenegger’s many roles have included Mr. Universe, the Terminator, Conan the Barbarian and governor of California. But his latest may be one of his most important yet: used car salesman.

The former Governator stars in a new comedic short in which he awkwardly goes undercover as Howard Kleiner, donning a ponytailed wig and thick 'stache to play a used auto peddler who tries to pawn big gas guzzlers off to customers searching for more environmentally friendly options. 

To one shopper hoping to benefit from an electric vehicle tax credit, he says, “Do you want a tax credit, or do you want street credit?”

“This is testosterone!!” he proclaims to a couple as he pulls up to them, revving a massive Hummer. 

To another customer wanting a car that would get him into the carpool lane, he returns with a bumper sticker that says, “Carpool lanes are for sissies.”

It’s all a ruse, of course, to underscore the ridiculousness of all-gas vehicles when so many electric and hybrid cars are an option. It’s part of the “Electric for All” campaign from Veloz, a nonprofit that aims to encourage more widespread adoption of electric vehicles in California.

The film, running online, was created in collaboration with Oak Productions, Superconductor, the creative agency founder by Justin Lin (“Fast and the Furious”) and the Russo Brothers (“Avengers: Endgame”), and their commercial production shop Bullitt. Josh Greenbaum directed the film. 


Jun 27, 2019

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