Verizon covers the cost of YouTube’s ‘NFL Sunday Ticket’ in new campaign

Buffalo Bills quarterback Josh Allen stars in the spots from Ogilvy

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Jul 27, 2023
A man eating popcorn and football player Josh Allen peering into neighbors' house from in the bushes

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The NFL season is just around the corner, featuring a new player—earlier this year, Google obtained the rights to stream the league’s “Sunday Ticket” on YouTube. The package currently costs between $349 and $449 this season (compared to the $293.94 DirecTV charged in 2022), allowing fans to stream out-of-market games on Sunday afternoons. 

YouTube and Verizon teamed up to give consumers “Sunday Ticket” for free by signing up for the company’s “My Plan” service with the purchase of a smartphone, cell service or home internet. The telecom giant values the offer at $449. 

To promote the bundle, Verizon launched a new campaign Thursday starring Buffalo Bills quarterback Josh Allen, who helps heal football fans’ financial woes by educating them on Verizon’s offer. The campaign, from agency Ogilvy NY and production company MJZ, shows how “fans go to any lengths to access NFL content they love,” according to a statement from Kristin McHugh, senior VP of marketing and creative at Verizon.


The first spot shows a couple rooting on their favorite team while a TV peeper watches on from the bushes outside their window. As the intruder leans out of the shrubbery with a bowl of popcorn, Allen's head appears beside him. As he pitches Verizon’s “My Plan” plans, the homeowners catch sight of the window creepers.

“Another amazing plan—backing away from here very slowly,” Allen says as the two obscure themselves within the bush.


A second spot shows a hooting and hollering crew of Steelers fans watching a game, while a lone woman in a Chargers jersey sits sullenly among them. She has to mooch off of her neighbors’ “Sunday Ticket” subscription as well—and appears to be surrounded by rival fans. Allen appears yet again to enthuse about receiving free football from Verizon before the Steelers fanatics raise a popcorn-filled shoe to the woman’s face.

The campaign will run nationally on television and cable, digital online, OOH and social.