This Quiet Swiss Town Was Home to a Wildly Inventive Tourism Idea

All the Villagers Were Involved

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Jul 27, 2016

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The quiet Graubunden region of Switzerland has been muse to some pretty inspiring creative. For example, agency Jung von Matt Limmatt came up with this clever Facebook campaign in which people from all over the world who liked the region's town of Obermutten on the platform got their real-life pics placed on the village's official notice board.

More recently, in a move somewhat reminiscent of the Cannes Grand Prix-winning Swedish Number campaign, Graubunden and the agency asked people to call into a telephone in the middle of the village of Tschlin, known to be so quiet that when that phone rings, everyone in the town hears it.

Calling in was actually part of a contest that involved all of Tschlin's residents. Outsiders who rang the number got a free tip to Graubunden -- but only if someone failed to answer them. The video here illustrates the lengths to which locals went in order to "limit" the number of winners.

The campaign ran for six days in June and according to the agency, it led to 4,000 conversations with Tschlin locals and 30,000 calls total. Media reach included 1.5 million YouTube and Facebook views as well as more than 500,000 visitors to the campaign website