UNICEF's Interactive Game Forces You to See Domestic Violence From a Child's POV

Edelman Deportivo Developed the Experience for Swedish Viewers

Published On
Feb 21, 2018

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UNICEF is highlighting the harm that can be done to children who witness domestic violence in an interactive game developed by its Swedish arm.

The game, the Violence of Reality, was created by Edelman Deportivo and puts the player in the shoes of a four-year-old child who wakes up to hear her parents fighting. Crying wearily, she (you) opens the door to find the parents fighting in a living room. The player can interact with objects, such as a ball and watch a family photo. As you get closer to the parents fighting--you can only see their shadows coming out from the kitchen and onto the living room wall--a floorboard cracks and the parents discover you are out there. The father gets furious and his shadow grows on the wall as the game ends.

Players are prompted to change the legal protection in Sweden for children in homes affected by domestic violence, by signing Unicef's petition.