Vistaprint’s new masks lets you wear art from Futura, Geoff McFetridge, Jen Stark and Parra on your face

Company has partnered with artists on a new capsule collection

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Aug 13, 2020

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Vistaprint, the brand behind some of the most popular face masks born of the pandemic, is taking it up a notch. The printing company announced a new “Artist Collection” with artists including Jen Stark, Parra and Geoff McFetridge and graffiti brand Futura Laboratories. Priced slightly higher than Vistaprint’s regular collections, the new collaboration is the first in an ongoing series of partnerships as the brand continues to expand.
Vistaprint is encouraging the new masks for consumers eager to express their individuality. “Wearing a mask is now part of our everyday life, so we created masks people will be excited to put on as they head out the door,” said Vistaprint Chief Marketing Officer Ricky Engelberg in a statement. “One of Vistaprint’s strengths is our ability to pair high-quality printing with unmatched design and customization, and by collaborating with some of the most notable artists of our time, we are able to bring their celebrated art to an approachable item like masks, and give people another way to express themselves.”

George McFetridge Vistaprint mask

Jen Stark Vistaprint Cosmic Shapes mask

Jen Stark Mandala Greyscale

Parra The Birds Vistaprint mask

Parra The Birds Vistaprint mask full color

Futura Laboratories Forest Vistaprint mask