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Apr 01, 2022


As their newly appointed global social media and influencer marketing agency, [L]earned Media will work alongside the sophisticated and social media savvy Timex team, to enhance the watch brand’s existing connection with the next generation of consumers.

Timex has seen incredible success with their Co_Labs, including selling out in mere seconds with their Supreme watch, and collections like Marlin, Q Timex and the Giorgio Galli S1. This year’s campaign seeks to build on Timex’s vast history with Watch Enthusiasts who appreciate craftsmanship, and legendary quality combined with a next generation approach to fashion and design.

[L]earned Media intends to double down on Timex’s prior successes and continue to drive excitement for a young and emerging generation. For nearly 170 years Timex has leaned into disruption and innovation. Whether it be the advent and popularization of NFTs, crypto and even the Metaverse, Timex will continue to be a pioneer in the watch category by exploring and investing in related innovations that will keep them ticking for years to come.



moving gif campaign

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colorful ad with a watch


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Apr 01, 2022
Agency :
[L]earned Media

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