Alia Shawkat obsesses over a mysterious man she can't touch in this curious film for WEBTOON

Fred & Farid Los Angeles turns webcomics into quarantine fare

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Aug 12, 2020

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Alia Shawkat (“Arrested Development,” “Search Party”) has always shined in roles with a skewed perspective. In a new spot from Fred & Farid Los Angeles for webcomic site WEBTOON, she obsesses over someone she can’t interact with.

No, not because of quarantine, though the remote shoot by Ways & Means was filmed entirely by Shawkat and her brother in her home, with real-time direction from Kevin Phillips, who also served as director of photography. Shawkat talks to herself, in various states of distress and wonder, as she ponders whether the object of her desire even knows she exists.

It’s a plot ripped straight from a popular webcomic on WEBTOON, “Freaking Romance,” a tale of a woman who finds her new place is haunted by an attractive ghost from another dimension. Rather than move or try to chase him out, she falls for him, even though their oaths can never actually cross.

This quarantined shoot is the first in a planned series featuring solo actors and their obsessive fandom for particular webcomics. A behind-the-scenes video with Shawkat and the production team shows how the whole process came together.