Viceland's 'Weed Week' overflows with nugs and Smokin' Jeff Sessions

Fans will also get a chance to light a spliff with 'Jeff Sessions' in DC

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Apr 11, 2018

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Next week, suburban homes across the world will become the site of an inhuman invasion: the Attack of the Killer Nugs.

To promote its second annual Weed Week, Vice's TV channel Viceland and Australia-based The Glue Society created a series of horror parody promos featuring pot as predator. The ads will feature a sensimilla tsunami pouring forth from unexpected places in everyday abodes--like the refrigerator, the toilet and the television set.

The ads tease five days of marijuana-related programming that kicks off April 16. The network has high hopes for viewership: Vice says last year's Weed Week produced the channel's best ratings of the year. (No word on whether the president will be as entranced by this event as he is by The Discovery Channel's seven days of sharks.)

To create the new spots, Viceland used 20 pounds of pot on camera--that's enough for 453 felony offenses in Florida--but, according Meghan Kirsch, SVP, marketing & creative at Viceland, not nearly enough for a stress-free shoot. "We really could have used closer to 100 pounts," she says.

About half the weed was rented for the shoot (and returned afterward). Some of the rest was damaged by water or glue during filming, and the rest is now sitting in a warehouse in Los Angeles, awaiting an upcoming Vice Labs piece about figuring out what to do with it.

Besides the production, ad placement was tricky, too. Like U.S. states, different media outlets have different rules regarding the portrayal of drugs and drug paraphernalia. Independent media shop Noble People landed TV buys with DirecTV and Comcast and national spots on IFC, USA and BBC America. OOH is runnig in New York and Los Angeles, as there's a lot of digital and social promotion. That includes a run on Pornhub, which has plenty of non-porn ads.

In addition, Noble People is orchestrating an event in Washington, D.C. next week where fans can "Smoke Weed With Jeff Sessions." Not the notoriously anti-marijuana attorney general, but a stand-in from Wisconsin with the same name. Beginning at 4:20 on April 13, at a secret, TBA location in the DC Metro area, smokin' Sessions and attendees can toke up together, tour the Viceland bus and get free stuff. Partiers will need to supply their own weed, though. In the meantime, the Viceland bus is driving by prominent locations in the nation's capital to promote the event.

While there's no indication that AG Sessions will ever change his mind about legalization--especially not in time for next week's big day--former House Speaker John Boehner's new job proves that even the most obstinate opponents can change their minds. Once they're out of office, anyway.


Apr 11, 2018
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Senior Vice President, Marketing :
Meghan Kirsch
Director, Marketing :
Michele Beno
Creative Director :
Nate Coonrod
Creative Director :
Jim D'amico
Director :
The Glue Society
Design Director :
Julie Ruiz
Director, Production :
Amy Schriefer
Director, Production :
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Director, Photography :
John Chema
Production Company :
Will O'Rourke
Photographer :
Jimmy Marble
Writer :
Gabe Koplowitz
Production Designer :
Sean Costello
Art Director :
Gerry Weber
Editor :
Tyler Christie
Sound Design :
Dean White
Post Production Manager :
Eric Psihoules
Visual Effects :
Vice Visual Studios
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Matt Schoen
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Gabriel Tick
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Annie Rosen
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Mieka Jewett
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Luke Maroldi
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Hey Beautiful Jerk
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Noble People

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