Coffee Meets Liqueur and Passion Ensues in Baileys' Instagram 'Soap Opera'

Episodes Will Play on Instagram's Carousel Platform

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Jun 06, 2016

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Baileys has created what it's calling an "Instagram soap opera" in a new content collaboration with the social media platform. The content, which will play out on Instagram's new video carousel platform, was created by Mother London and centers playfully on the "romance" between coffee and Baileys.

An eight part series will play out over a two-week period, with followers of @baileysofficial having the episodes released into their feeds from tomorrow (June 7). According to the brand, the storyline is about Coffee Pot and "his game of subterfuge as he strays from lifelong partner Milk and discovers the delights of Baileys. The triangle becomes even more complicated when Swiss Muesli finds himself embroiled in the drama."

"They don't move or have facial expressions; even without hearing their voices, these characters come to life through camera angles, editing and lighting, " said Susan Hosking, Creative Director for Mother in a statement. "Building character dynamics through pure cinema is a classic storytelling device. When the audience believes in these characters, it makes the whole thing that much funnier."

Mother picked up the Baileys account in October last year. Previously it had been handled by BBH and then in-house by the Diageo-owned brand.