When a convenience becomes an essential service

COVID-19 changed everything. Everything except the demand for basic essentials. That’s when DoorDash rose to the challenge.

Published On
Nov 24, 2020


The COVID-19 pandemic affected every American business in one way or another. In the case of DoorDash, its last-mile logistics platform became an essential service. Health-conscious consumers could procure hot meals without leaving their homes. Furloughed and laid-off workers could supplement their missing income. Restaurants could stay afloat without housing in-person diners. In a time of need, DoorDash had become a significant lifeline for local economies. And while there were several different blog posts and press clips that showcased the company’s mission and impact, there was no central hub to tell this side of the DoorDash story.

Big was stimulated by the prospect of developing a website to help DoorDash accomplish this task. There was one problem, though: It meant combing through a lot of data. The biggest challenge was finding a way to communicate a heap of valuable information without overwhelming or losing the user early on. And the solution was to create a website that allows visitors to immediately self-select the most meaningful information to them, from positive statistics about local eateries to employee benefits for Dashers. The result is a compelling but digestible resource to show interested viewers how DoorDash is making an impact in their neighborhood. In addition to the interactive maps, visualized data, and dynamic infographics, the site is anchored by a gallery of video testimonials from independent restaurateurs—real people with stories worth telling. And for those interested in staying informed on all that DoorDash does, the site includes calls-to-action designed to expand the reach of DoorDash’s continued industry leadership in corporate citizenship.

DoorDash stepped up when local merchants and hungry citizens needed it the most. During a time when good news was in short supply, this site became a beacon for one essential business and the people they work with every day.