The world flocks to Qiddiya City, looking to play, in epic spot from Droga5 and Accenture Song

The playground city is part of Saudi Arabia’s plan to revolutionize its economy via tourism and infrastructure development

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Feb 01, 2024
People on couches and chairs and a man prostrate with a bowling ball race down a road

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Saudi Arabia is in the midst of reinventing itself as a tourism mecca, with Qiddiya City, styled as “the world’s first city built for play,” among the nation’s flagship projects. Now, a fast-paced campaign has launched that shows fans of play the world over flocking to the purpose-built entertainment district outside Riyadh.

Until recently, Saudi Arabia was not a premier destination for leisure travelers—and that’s how they wanted it. The modern-day country’s founder, King Ibn Saud, is believed to have once said: “My Kingdom will survive only insofar as it remains a country difficult to access, where the foreigner will have no other aim, with his task fulfilled, but to get out.”

Times have changed. In 2018, Saudi Arabia began issuing tourist visas and openly welcoming non-religious global visitors for the first time in its history, as part of Saudi Vision 2030—a long-term plan to diversify the country’s economy and social structure by advancing women’s rights, hosting major sporting events and green-lighting ambitious megaprojects such as The Line.

Entertainment district Qiddiya City, the subject of a new marketing effort from Droga5 and Accenture Song, is just one piece of that massive investment puzzle, and it’s getting the royal launch campaign treatment this month—with “Play Life,” a multichannel push in which athletes, gamers, race spectators and theme park-goers are all magically drawn to the 360-square-kilometer playground in the desert west of Riyadh.

The ad was shot by Oscar-winning cinematographer Erik Messerschmidt.


“It’s not every day that you get to launch not only a mere product, but an entire city,” said Shelley Smoler, chief creative officer at Droga5 London. “Add to that a city that is a playground, that doesn’t limit playtime to designated times or areas, and you have that magical brief that comes around once in a lifetime.” 

Viewers may notice that while the climax of the ad shows people from around the globe converging on the edge of a cliff—contextually implied to be overlooking Qiddiya—the city itself isn’t shown at all. That’s because it’s still being built.

Eventually planned to be home to some 600,000 residents once fully operational, at least $2.6 billion worth of contracts have been awarded to develop Qiddiya, industry publication Construction Week reports, with the site’s “first assets” set to open gradually over the next two years.

But while its F1 circuit, Six Flags theme park and tens of thousands of buildings are still a long way from completion, that hasn’t stopped Qiddiya’s developers from moving full steam ahead with its launch campaign, which debuted at the start of 2024.

Featuring a slew of unique broadcast TV, cinema and social media elements, “Play Life” will enjoy a significant international run not just in Saudi Arabia and its Mideast neighbors, but throughout a dozen major global markets such as the U.S., U.K., Germany, India, China and Japan.

Additionally, the work will boast digital display and out-of-home placements—including 3D billboards—at high-profile sites around the world, with full-blown takeovers planned for the likes of Tokyo’s Shibuya Crossing and the 82 connected screens that line Riyadh Boulevard in the Saudi capital.


Feb 01, 2024
Client :
Qiddiya City
Agency :
Agency :
Accenture Song
Managing Director :
Abdullah Aldawood
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Ross McAuley
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Dima Malibary
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3D Billboard
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