This Black Friday, Repair, Don't Buy, Says Patagonia

'Worn Wear' Campaign Also Introduces New Repair Program with iFixIt

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Nov 25, 2013

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As millions of people forsake the turkey for a new pair of tights, or spend this Black Friday searching for great deals on stuff they think they need, Patagonia invites you to celebrate what you already own -- the clothing that has stood the test of time. "Worn Wear" is a short film about Patagonia customers and their gear. It features a surf camp in Baja, Mexico, a maple syrup harvest in Vermont, an organic firm in California, and more.

The film will premiere in retail stores on Black Friday, and the campaign includes an unusual partnership with iFixit, the peer-edited repair manual. Patagonia and iFixit will publish a series of guides for Patagonia clothing, in an effort to encourage people to repair, instead of buying new. Those who visit Patagonia on Black Friday (sneaky, since that might lead them to buying more stuff!) can also get help repairing an old Patagonia garmet. The retailer is also putting up for sale an "Expedition Sewing Kit" for $30 that includes the needles, threads and materials you need to DIY your Patagonia.

It's a move that isn't altogether new for Patagonia, whose founder, Yvon Chouinard, has long pushed customers to embrace sustainability and favor repairing, over throwing out. In 2005, they started the "Common Threads Initiative," which asked customers to take a pledge to only buy what they need and reuse what they don't.