Estelle Harris Plays a Crafty Grandma in Kraft Mac & Cheese Spot

Latest Ads Continue Theme of Adults' Mac & Cheese Obsession

Published On
Feb 18, 2015

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Comedienne and "Seinfeld" actress Estelle Harris plays a determined grandma in a new spot for Kraft Mac & Cheese, out of CP&B. Continuing the agency's "You Know You Love It" theme, in which adults will go to any lengths to get a spoonful of the kids' favorite, the spot shows Harris (who also voices Mrs. Potato Head in the "Toy Story" films) taking her granddaughter's spot at the kids' table, just so she can eat the Mac & Cheese. Her granddaughter, meanwhile, recognizes "you're just trying to manipulate me."

Another new spot shows a Mom feeding her baby but taking a sneaky mouthful herself as she just can't resist, and a third shows a Dad cooking dinner and using "every pot in the house" to cook Mac & Cheese -- the only thing his wife can criticize him over, as he points out to her that the meal contains plenty of protein. The ads were directed by Hungry Man's Hank Perlman.