Airport Codes Are More Than Boring Old Letters in Delta's Whimsical Mural

Wieden & Kennedy New York Creates Another Fun Out of Home Ad for the Airline

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Jul 27, 2017

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This massive, whimsical mural appeared recently at the corner of Wythe Avenue and N10th in Williamsburg Brooklyn. It's filled with adorable doodles of trios of letters, formed from an array of objects. A beer stein, sausages and a gent in lederhosen depict "FRA," a dude peacing out, a cow and an ice cream cone form "BTV," while flamingos and art deco buildings depict "MIA."

If you haven't yet guessed, those letters are all airport codes (the ones above for Frankfurt, Burlington and Miami), and the mural depicts all the destinations to which Delta Airlines flies.

It's the latest quirky out-of-home idea from Wieden & Kennedy New York to appear in that same spot. Previously, the agency put up another mural that provided passersby with some exotic background art for their selfies, so they could spruce up their Tinder profiles.

The agency commissioned artist Celyn Brazier (also a director via Nexus) to create the latest installation. The campaign also includes a social media scavenger hunt in which Delta is asking users to find hidden objects in each illustrated code. Those who guess correctly may end up getting something special.

On Facebook, Delta is also putting up a shoppable post. Users can click on posts featuring the artwork and book straight from there.

There's a retail element as well. While the mural is only up until August 27th, consumers can purchase art featured within (in the form of t-shirts, mugs, hats and more) at