Amazon's tale of a boy and his pet piglet promotes a use for Alexa you won't have thought of

Jake Scott directs a charming spot by Joint London

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Apr 03, 2019

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Ah, Alexa. You can ask her about the weather, use her to dim the lights, get her to play your favorite song. Oh, and using its new videocam feature, you can also read a bedtime story to your pet pig. 

That's the storyline of a charming new spot for Amazon's digital assistant, created by Joint London and directed by Jake Scott via RSA. In the film, we see an adorable little boy lovingly raising a pet piglet in his family farmhouse. He feeds it, takes it around the farm on his play trolley, and reads it bedtime stories.

However, as the pig grows bigger and clumsier, it becomes clear that the combination of pig and house is not going to work, and Mom and Dad can see it's time it was relegated to the outdoors (didn't they know this was inevitable?) Luckily, Alexa is on hand so that their son can "drop in on Charlie" and read him a bedtime story via webcam. 

The spot will air on TV and in cinemas across the U.S., U.K. and Germany.