Amazon enlists Pikotaro, aka the 'Pen Pineapple Apple Pen' guy, to ring in Prime Day

Japanese ad builds off the viral hit

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Oct 06, 2020

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Amazon Prime Day is about a week away, and to help get the word out about the online retail giant’s shopping fest in Japan, the company has turned to a Pikotaro, the popular garishly dressed dancing character who hit the viral charts with the music video for his catchy, tongue-twister tune “PPAP (Pen Pineapple Apple Pen).”

Japanese comedian Kosaka Kazuhito, who created the Pikotaro role, returns in a new clip that riffs off the original, but tailored to promoting Amazon’s big day. Wearing the same medley of mustard-colored animal prints, Pikotaro sways and recites new lyrics:

APPD. I like shopping. I have no time. Uh! Amazon Prime. I like shopping. I’m a Prime member. Uh! Prime Day. Amazon Prime. Prime Day. Amazon Prime Day makes us happy.. happy.. Happy! Amazon Prime Day 2020.

Prior to Amazon, Pikotaro had created other versions of his song employing different clusters of unrelated words, such as “ CBBC (Cookie-Butter-Choco-Cookie),” for "Sesame Street," while plenty of fans were inspired to make their own renditions. 

The original video has garnered more than 350 million views while the Prime Day film, which debuted on September 28, has nearly 16,000 views.