Kraft : Anything Dressing Bottles

Lettuce alone.

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May 15, 2012
Anything Dressing Bottles

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Here's an interesting move. Kraft has taken a big step out of the salad ghetto with the rebranding of its dressing as not just for the leafy stuff. In a new move steered by Being, the brand has removed the word "salad" from all its dressing bottles and replaced it with "anything," effectively turning its condiments into "anything dressing." The brand is taking a cue from consumers, who have long used its dressing for stuff that isn't necessarily so healthy (like wings, for example.) The campaign includes a spot created out of Laika starring a lonely head of lettuce, new packaging labels, print, in-store and digital.


May 16, 2012
Brand :
Client :
Agency :
Chief Creative Officer :
Rob Schwartz
Executive Creative Director/Production :
Patrick O'Neill
Creative Director :
Michael Blaney
Art Director :
Lindsey Montague
Art Director :
Ian Bauer
Art Director :
Carolina Labi
Copywriter :
Lauren Smith
Copywriter :
Adam Rosenberg
Copywriter :
Clay Summers
Art Director :
Lindsay Montague
Photographer :
Sue Tallon
Art Director :
Sabrina Bajaj
Art Director :
Kay Gautraud
Executive Producer :
Mila Davis
Agency Producer :
Lacy Plunk
Business Affairs Manager :
Lisa Lipman
Broadcast Assistant :
Joseph Haldeman
Audiovisual Specialist :
Spencer Tucker
Production Company :
Animation Director :
Nicholas Weigel
Creative Director :
Kirk Kelley
Executive Producer :
Lourri Hammack
Producer :
Zilpha Yost
Stop-Motion Director, Photography :
John Nolan
Animation Consultant :
Barry Bruce
Editor :
Michael Corrigan
Production Coordinator :
Julie Ragland
Production Coordinator :
Jessica Funaro
Sound Mix :
Limbocker Studios
Mixer :
Lance Limbocker
Front-End Music Track :
Billy Foster
Front-End Music Track :
Ellington Jordan
Front-End Music Track :
Elias Arts
Executive Producer :
Ann Haugen
Back-End Music Track :
Yessian Music
Executive Producer :
Michael Yessian
Digital Production Director :
Chincha Evans
Senior Executive Digital Producer :
Peter Basset
Senior Digital Producer :
Monica Pino Miranda
Senior Digital Producer :
Katie Case
Digital Producer :
Kristen Moya
Associate Producer :
Luke Elmers
Creative Technology Director :
Ricardo Diaz
Technology Manager :
John Bryne
Technology Lead :
Tim Shea
Technology Lead :
Jon Bauer
Technology Lead :
Mike Bucks
Senior Developer :
Malik Jones
Quality Assurance Lead :
Lester Broas
Quality Assurance :
Walter Velasquez
Front-End Developer :
Chris Ha
Lead UX Designer :
Jane Chang
UX Designer :
Andrew Yoon
Digital Project Manager :
Jenni Warsaw
Community Manager :
Jessica Zeller
Project Manager :
Janet Perez
Producer :
Aliza Grover

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