Apple brought back John Hodgman as PC during its 'One More Thing' event

Justin Long, however, is nowhere to be seen after brand introduces its new lineup of MacBooks

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Nov 11, 2020

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Yesterday during its “One More Thing” hardware event, Apple unveiled its lineup of updated MacBooks, now powered by its own M1 chip. According to the brand, the chip ensures that its computers will now offer the best performance per watt over any other CPU in its range available.

To help underscore the optimized power of its products, Apple brought back its famous stand-in for clunkiness: John Hodgman.

At the end of the event, Apple closed with actor and author Hodgman reprising his role as “PC” from the celebrated “Mac vs. PC” campaign. Once again, he plays a bumbling excuse for a caculator.

“I still got it,” he says, flailing his arms around until he drains his own battery. Justin Long, his Mac counterpart, however, is nowhere to be seen. Presumably, he’s already sped off into the future. 

Following the event, Apple also debuted the latest in its “Behind the Mac” campaign, which highlights the idea that greatness can be found anywhere