Apple Card saves people in a pinch in series of quirky new ads

The humorous spots, directed by Andreas Nilsson, highlight Apple features that distinguish its card from others

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May 31, 2024
A man pulling down on a sweater that is too small for him

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Apple is once again making a push for its credit card with three new humorous spots.

Created by Apple’s in-house team and directed by Andreas Nilsson, the second installment of “Reboot Your Credit Card” highlights situations in which the Apple Card and its features on iPhone can save you in a pinch—distinguishing it from other credit cards.

The first spot, “Sock,” focuses on moments when cash back saves the day by providing the funds for another (likely necessary) purchase. “Sweater” highlights Apple’s purchase history feature that links a transaction to a vendor and website. “Ladder” zeroes in on Apple Card’s instant payment features, which can get you out of a sticky situation when you forget.


The humorous spots follow a similar style to Apple’s “Relax, It's iPhone” ads, which highlight how iPhone features can help alleviate anxiety. Nilsson directed the most recent round of those spots as well.

The videos will appear on broadcast TV, Apple’s YouTube channel, and paid digital.

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