Apple's holiday ad brings splashes of snow to Buenos Aires

Juan Cabral directs the spot promoting its audio sharing feature on AirPods Pro

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Nov 21, 2022

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Apple is giving Christmastime a different look this year in its holiday ad, picking a Latin American location and a Spanish language song but adding in some splashes of snow.

Agency TBWA/MAL bringing in director Juan Cabral to helm the spot, which is set on the streets of Buenos Aires. Promoting AirPods Pro's audio sharing feature, it starts off with two bored friends in a café. One flashes his screen to the other as a new song begins to play. They turn on Audio Sharing and wirelessly connect to a single iPhone. The music then carries them across the city, magically turning the world around them into (what looks like very wet) snow. As usual with Apple commercials, it's cool and eminently watchable (although the mashup of dancing and weather in a holiday ad reminds us somewhat of Burberry too.)

The campaign features the song “Puff” by Argentine producer Bizarrap and Belgian Argentine hip-hop artist Bhavi, making it Apple’s first global holiday campaign with an entirely Spanish-language anthem. It stars dancers Vinson Fraley and Gal Zusmanovich. It was choreographed by Damien Jalet, who's known for choreographing Paul Thomas Anderson’s and Thom Yorke’s short musical film, “Anima," in his first commercial.

A 90-second version of the film will run on YouTube, with shorter versions running on broadcast, and on digital and social media.