Target Launches its own 'Real World' at Bullseye University

Dorm living comes to life in Deutsch L.A.'s shoppable interactive installation starring social media stars

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Jul 15, 2013

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Target and Deutsch L.A. have erected a brand new college dorm in Los Angeles, but it will only have residents for four days. Bullseye U, as it's called, is the agency's latest installation for the retailer, meant to show off back to school goods and turn the younger set on to the store's offerings. From today, July 15 through July 18, social mediacelebrities Chester See, Meekakitty aka Tess Violet, Magic of Rahat, Jenn Im of Clothes Encounters and Brooke "Dodger" Leigh are roomates inthe dorm, and all of their interactions are nowviewable on Visitors can get a close up of the goings on in the dorm by clicking the various rooms, which, of course, are outfitted with goods from the store. They'll also be able to interact with the roomies.Shoppers interested in any of the prodcutscan click on them and purchase them directly from the site.

The agency recently erected a similar set up for Target at New York's Grand Central Station showing off its home goods line in a life-size dollhouse, where passersby could see how the products would live in a household setting, althoughthat effort wasn't shoppable via a website.

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