Coke turns a soda bottle into an AI-powered musical instrument

Coke SoundZ provides ‘uplifting’ music derived from the cola’s pop and fizz

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Apr 23, 2024
Coke SoundZ app displayed on a smartphone.

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In Coca-Cola’s ongoing “Real Magic” platform, AI is doing a lot of the magic.

A newly released app from the drinks giant allows consumers to make their own music using tones, rhythms and melodies derived from the sounds of a Coca-Cola—the pops, the fizzes, the glurgs and the aahs. It developed those sounds after training AI on them in the same manner AI created an alphabet of bubbles and condensation from the Coke Zero Sugar product.

In both cases, AI is helping the drink speak for itself, an underlying theme of Coke Zero Sugar’s “Best Coke Ever?” campaign.

The technology, known as Coke SoundZ, includes a physical instrument in the shape of a Coke bottle that’s been shared with music producers, DJs and other social creators. A digital version is free for consumers to download. It allows aspiring music makers to soundtrack their social posts or create bespoke musical tracks using the sounds of Coca-Cola.


Katherine Lewis, who in a Coca-Cola press release is identified as a cognitive scientist specializing in neuroscience and behavior psychology, testified to the “multi-sensory experience” of a Coca-Cola that triggers anticipation and a dopamine release that the music intends to replicate. “We incorporated this science into the AI, seeking to provide sounds that are uplifting and enjoyable,” Lewis said.

The instrument has been incorporated into the soundtrack to Coca-Cola’s 2024 Zero Sugar campaign, and will continue to be used in artists’ music creations, event soundscapes and to soundtrack future Coca-Cola music campaigns, the company said.

“We are working with a host of global music talent to showcase what it can do, but the real magic will happen when budding producers are able to lay down their own ‘Coke SoundZ’ at home,” Islam ElDessouky, global VP of creative at Coca-Cola, said in a press release.

Coke SoundZ was developed by WPP Open X, led by AKQA and supported by Ogilvy PR.