A Seasoned Hostage Negotiator Helps Parents in Heinz Ketchup Battle With Kids

You Need Real Experience When It Comes to a Crisis Like This

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Mar 06, 2018

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Heinz has new tips to help diffuse a dinnertime crisis parents may find relatable--running out of ketchup when a kid is eating chicken nuggets.

A new online video shows a trained crisis negotiator suggesting ways parents can get through the steps of dealing with a child's reaction to the lack of ketchup. He gives quick tips on dealing with the child.
"It's important to validate those emotions," Jack Cambria, a retired New York Police Department crisis negotiator, deadpans.

He goes on to offer ways to communicate and, if all else fails, he suggests blaming the other adult at the table (in this case, Mom). Cambria knows what he's talking about. After all, he spent many of his years with the NYPD leading the hostage negotiation team.

The kid in the video, which comes from Taxi, doesn't get as hangry as viewers might expect. That might be due to Cambria's soothing tone, or because the solution of having an extra bottle of ketchup at the ready eliminates the potential for dinnertime chaos. Kenny Herzog directed the spot via O Positive.

Heinz is making that solution easier this month, giving out buy one, get one free coupons. It's also setting up a hotline (1-844-HEINZ11) offering humorous tips on how to negotiate with kids.