eHarmony focuses on the sweetest, unsexiest moments in ads from Party Land

The new spots will be accompanied by a refresh to the dating platform’s visual identity

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Nov 13, 2023
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Anyone who has ever been in a long-term romantic relationship knows that, after a certain point, it’s not all 24/7 candlelit dinners and flower bouquets.

But the everyday intimate moments spent with your partner, often behind closed doors—popping their pimples, welcoming them home after a long day at work, and so on—are equally important to a relationship’s foundation. And that’s exactly what eHarmony is seizing on in a campaign that highlights the less sexy (but no less loving) aspects of life as a couple.

Developed by Party Land, which was named Small Agency of the Year, West, Silver at Ad Age’s 2023 Small Agency Awards, the work expands on eHarmony’s “Get Who Gets You” brand platform, which the dating brand launched last fall.

It takes shape as four 30-second videos, each focusing on a different vulnerable, silly, mundane moment, including a woman playfully dumping fresh laundry on her partner, and a person supportively mourning the death of their significant other’s favorite houseplant. The spots were directed by Canadian filmmaker Emma Seligman, who also recently directed acclaimed comedy film “Bottoms,” and shot by cinematographer Maria Rusche.

Check out a couple of the ads below:


“Over the past few years, we’ve changed our messaging and creative approach to center much more on the types of emotional connection daters crave,” said Patrick Moore, brand lead at eHarmony. “Rather than talking about connection, we wanted people to get a taste of what that connection feels like.”

“Get Who Gets You” is a departure from some of eHarmony’s past marketing efforts, some of which have historically centered “aspirationally attractive people” and more traditionally romantic scenes, Moore said. “Now, we’re much more focused on casting relatable, approachable acting talent who can bring out the joy in the everyday through subtle, genuine expressions.”

The campaign was informed by a recent Harris Interactive poll commissioned by the brand that supports the appeal of a genuine connection; it found that two in five American singles prioritize finding “someone they can laugh with,” while 64% of respondents said they’re seeking a partner who “makes life more fun.”

“Dating has changed, so has ‘love’ and the way we talk about it within culture,” said Natalia Fredericks, creative director at Party Land, noting that her team borrowed from their own lives in conceiving of this campaign’s vignettes. But while the videos are about “taking a very universal experience and translating it into a campaign that brings to life the quirky, weird, gross, funny” aspects of dating, she said, she rejects the notion that the spots aren’t romantic.

“Humor is romantic. Thoughtful gestures are romantic. Compatibility is romantic,” she said.

Launching today, the “Get Who Gets You” extension will air in the U.S., U.K., Canada and Australia on broadcast TV and ad-supported streaming services such as Hulu, Tubi and PlutoTV. It’ll also receive support on digital and social media as well as through podcast advertising.

Alongside the new campaign, eHarmony is also rolling out a new visual identity, which Moore called “a visual system that models the experience we want people to have on our platform.”

A before-and-after comparison showing the eHarmony app's Similiarities feature.

The move includes a refreshed wordmark and icon, a new color palette that shifts eHarmony’s primary brand color to a deep green, and aesthetic tweaks to the brand’s website and app.


Nov 13, 2023
Client :
Agency :
Party Land
Founder/Chief Creative Officer :
Matt Heath
Managing Director :
Andy Silva
Group Brand Director :
Amy Krieg
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Natalia Fredericks
Art Director :
Eli White
Art Director :
Jacob Warhop
Sr. Producer :
Jenny Jones
Brand Supervisor :
Taylor Toomey
Chief Marketing Officer :
Herbert Murschenhofer
Brand Marketing & Strategy :
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Senior Creative Manager :
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Marketing Manager :
Samantha Lippman
Art Director :
Matt Allen
Business Affairs :
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Christina Rust
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Emily Dalton
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Emma Seligman
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Service Company :
Tuna + Icon
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